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Flanged End Swing Check Valves - Haitima Valve middle 01


Vertical In-Line Spring Check Valve

1000 WOG PN63

Flanged End Swing Check Valves

PN 10/16/25/40
CLASS 150/300/600/900/1500
JIS 10K/20K

Flanged End Swing Check Valves

Class 150/300/600/ 900/1500/2500

Dual Plate Check Valves Class 150/300/600 - Haitima Valve middle 02

Disk Check Valve PN40 - Haitima Valve middle 03

Disk Check Valve PN40 - Haitima Valve middle 03
2026 / 2026C

Dual Plate Check Valves

CLASS 150/300/600 PN 10/16/40

Single Door Check Valves

CLASS 150/300/600 PN 10/16/40

Disk Check Valves

2026 : PN40
2026C : PN63

Flanged End Check Valves Class 150/300 - Haitima Valve middle 04

Screwed End Swing Check Valves 200 WOG - Haitima Valve middle 05

Screwed End Piston Check Valves 800 WOG - Haitima Valve middle 06

Flanged End Check Valves

CLASS 150  PN 16

Screwed End Swing Check Valves

200 W.O.G.

Screwed End Piston Check Valves

800 WOG  PN50

Haitima has been dedicated in ball valve manufacturing for over 27 year. Through the years, "Perfection" has been the only goal we pursue. With persistence, effort and 2 decades of experiences, we have become one of the leading enterprises of valves manufacture in Taiwan. We always concern our customers' needs and requirements for providing excellent quality valves to them. If you are interested in our valves products, Contact us now and we will be glad to meet your request and offer the best quality and price. Your inquiries are cordially invited and welcomed.

A lot of production going on

The Haitima Corporation is a quite unique company in terms of production, it actually manufactures all of its own products, and the only material it gets from outside is scrap. "In terms of valve production, from casting through assembly and testing, to finally finishing the products and making them ready for shipment, everything is carried out by the company itself. By keeping all these tasks under one roof, we can guarantee the quality of our valves from start to finish.  This is very important to our clients because they trust and rely on us and know that when we say that we produce high quality valves, we really mean it. "In addition to this quality control aspect, another reason is that it allows the company not only to sell the valves but also the individual components the make up the valves: the castings, the parts, and also the Teflon.  "Some companies only want parts of the valves, the castings, or just the Teflon because they want to put the valves together themselves, and we can provide the with the appropriate material to do so.  We export 300 metric tonnes of castings per month in addition to roughly 200,000 balls to all sorts of locations around the world."

With a customer-oriented concept, the Haitima Corporation has come to realize that it's possible to achieve new developments by expanding the company's product range. Through years of investment and cooperation with partners, today, Haitima is able to provide not only valves, but also castings including pipes, fittings, flanges, and even pneumatic actuators, most of which are produced in this Zhongshan factory. "The initial idea behind this is that we realize sometimes if the customer buys the valves, probably he needs also the pipe and fittings, and if they have ordered the ball valves, probably the actuators are also needed. As Haitima has been quite famous for its valve quality among the established customers, we started providing some related products which have the same high quality as our valves, and the pneumatic actuator is just the latest development. .

Actually we have been doing this business for years through our partner company, but we started producing in our own factory last year. We have business experience in this field, we have the know-how and equipment in the factories with all the tools, testing machines etc to guarantee the production quality. Our actuator products have already  been well accepted by some leading international distributors in the flow control industry.

The Haitima Corporation produces a diverse range of valves, which have also been applied to various industries.  The main products include 1-piece,2-piece, and 3-piece flange and screwed-end ball valves, gate valves, globe check valves for the oil and gas, mining and mineral processing, chemical and petrochemical industries, as well as the nuclear power sector. All the valves we produce for these industries are, of course, fire-safe and high-pressure approved. We produce valves up to 10 inches, DN 250 and small size fittings from 1/8 to 4 inches. Actuators up to 300 are also available here.

A global strategy

Targeting the international market, the Haitima Corporation has been doing 100% export business since 28 years ago. At the moment Europe and North America are the biggest market, however is South Asia, Middle East, South Africa, and South America the markets have been growing and look promising. In order to enter hte various market areas, the Haitima Corporation have spent a lot of energy and investment to those specifications the guarantee the quality of its products,  Currently we are in the process of obtaining API 6D, beside that we have already got DNV for our foundry, ISO 9001, API 607 fire-safe approval, CRN registered, PED module H certificate, and 3A.  These guarantees and the fact that we produce our valves according to European and American standards, as well as being able to deliver them either as single components or as a whole, show our customers our strengths and possibilities within the world of valves.  Haitima holds the PED certificate which is required by producers to sell their products to Europe. In the US only a very few OEM products are needed by customers.

Future success

Despite the economic climate, Haitima' s business continue growing. "It is good to see that more and more customers are planning to come to Asia to visit valve suppliers. Since March this year, we have had several customers visiting our factories and all of them were satisfied. As everybody knows, business was in quite a bad situation last year. So in order to get a bigger picture, We Visited some customers in Europe who were affected by this. They told me that they expect this year to be worse because the raw material price might be going up again. This means for us that the customers tend to plan for the whole year of 2010, which results in them placing one single order and us shipping every few months. Now we see that a lot of business is coming back, which is really a good sign.

About the company's plans for the near future, Haitima will keep expanding and achieving new developments. We are planning to buy new facilities which mean some new equipment will be imported for the foundry to have a bigger capacity and better quality products. For example we are going to do the heat treatment in our own foundry. On the other hand, we will expand our current sales networks in some major geographical markets. We have already set up one warehouse in Vancouver, Canada, branch offices in Tokyo, Japan, Philippines, China, and Taipei to support the distribution. And now the plan is that soon we are going to open a new warehouse in the Netherlands, near Venlo.

For some time now We have frequently been getting phone calls from our Taipei sales headquarters, telling me that many customers say they need the goods as soon as possible. We have been thinking about opening this new warehouse in the Netherlands for years.  Now Haitima has decided to buy a warehouse which is about 5,000 m2. With this new facility starting, we will ship the goods to the warehouse and by doing so we can better support our customers. Let me give you an example: if one customer wants 2" ball valves, and they can't wait for another two months of shipping from Taiwan or from China,m they will be very glad to hear that I have something here that can be delivered within three days or a week's time.

Service is the key

President Mr Shen Ming-Show also emphasizes that the service has always been one main focus at Haitima, although quality is also one of the most important concerns. He continues: "Nobody can guarantee that they have 100% perfect products. However, we always try our best to help the customer if there's any problem with our products." In addition to this, he and his team constantly travel the world to keep up their very close and personal ties, not only with their existing clients, but also to find new and future customers. He describes the reasoning behind this as follows: "Obviously, it's necessary for companies to establish close relationships with clients. However, in our case, they tend to be very fruitful. One reason for this is, maybe, that we strive to develop real friendship with most of the companies with whom we do business. So, we never have the feeling that we are just doing a business deal. I think that this is uncommon these days, especially in this tough and continually changing industry,"