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namur solenoid valve
Model HSV310-08 HSV320-08
Medium Air
Operating Internal Piloted
Valve Type 5 Port 2 Position
Orifice Size 35mm2
Port Size Inlet & Exhaust Port:PF1/4"
Lubrication Not Required
Pressure Range 0.15~0.8 Mpa
Proof Pressure 12bar
Temp. Range -5~60°C(23~140°F)
Voltage Range -15%~10%
Power Consumption AC=2.0~3.5VA. DC=2.5W
Insulation Class Class F
Protecion IP65(DIN40050)
Connector Socket with Plug
Max Frequency 5 cycle/second

Note:Port thread PT and NPT are also available.
Specification of Explosion-Proof Type
Protecion EExmIIT4
Voltage Range +10%
Power Consumption AC=4.4VA, DC=5W
Insulation Class Class F

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Order Information:   Flow features:  
310:single solenoid,5/2 way, 320:Double Solenoid, 5/2 way   solenoid valve  
310: Single Solenoid, 5/2 way
320: Double Solenoid, 5/2 way