Pneumatic Actuator-Operating Conditions

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  1. Pressure Ranges
    40 psig to 100 psig
    3 bar to 8 bar
  2. Temperature Ranges
    *Std.(NBR O-rings): -20C(-4F) to +80C(+176F)
    *Lower Temp. (Silicone O-rings): -40C(-40F) to +80C (+176C F)
    *High Temp. (Viton O-rings): -15C (+5F) to +150 C (+300 F)
    Note: Special grease is required for low and high temperature service condition.
  3. Wide Range Available
    The actuator range consists of 14 sizes, with torques from 97N.m(88in.lbs) to 4,122Nm (37,763in.lbs) at 6 bar (90 psig) air supply.
  4. Operating Media
    Filtered dry or lubricated air for non-corrosive gas, water or light hydraulic oil. The maximum particle size must not exceed 30 microns.
pneumatic actuator-operating conditions

     5.  Stroke Adjustment
         0 and 90 with standard adjustment + 5.
    6.  Lubrication
         All moving parts are factory lubricated for entire life cycle of actuator.
    7.  Construction
         Twin piston rack and pinion actuator design, suitable for indoor and outdoor installation.
    8.  Connections
         Bottom drilling complies with ISO 5211/DIN 3337 to match valve. Interface for solenoid valve, shaft
         top end and top drilling for assembling accessories are in accordance with VDI/VDE- 3845, NAMUR standard.
    9.  Inspection
         Every actuator is hydraulically tested, certified and guaranteed for a minimum of 500,000 cycles.