Control divert valve

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Control divert valve

Operation Instruction

1. Haitima pneumatic valve can equipped different type of flow design,(as drawing A)

    to get various flow control.

2. Can choose SMS, DIN, IDF,RJT, 3A, Ferrule....., Welding; Clamp; Unions........connect end.

3. Material:

    3-1. All products connect with fluid are made of stainless steel AISI 316/316L(1.4401/1.4571).

    3-2. The other parts in AISI 304(1.4301).

    3-3. The valve stem is sealed by a special EPDM/Silicone/Viton seat and according international

            standard for use on food or pharmaceutical.

4. Operationg air pressure: 5bar-8bar compressed air.

5. Control ways:

    a. Designed different type to control various flow, as type L; T; F...etc.

    b. Choose appropriate dimensions of end, as 2".......clamp or welding.

    c. Choose appropriate control ways (manual or pneumatic):

        c-1. Manual control valve are equipped with a rapid pitch screw with protection againest unscrewing.

        c-2. Or choose air/spring(simple effect); or air/air (double effect) for pneumatic control.

        c-3. Can use Haitima automatic control box to get signal transfer and complete individual

               valve control.

                c-3-1. Signal transfer:

                            a. with 10-30VDC proximity switch contact:1 or 2pcs (PNP OR NPN)

                            b. Or 3A 125VAC, 30VDC micro switch contact: 2pcs

                c-3-2. Complete individual valve control:

                           Choose (a) or (b) +DC24 3.0W   electric valve:1pc & air maniflod

                           (for complete control box).