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1. Housing: hard-anodized AL alloy and external
    coating of epoxy powder is suitable for the
    severe condition especially against the
    corrosion. Housing is designed in accordance
    with standard of Explosion-proof and IP67.
    and also we can off HAITIMA TM HTQ with
    IP68 for option.

2. Motor: specially designed with squirrel caged
    induction motor to generate high starting
    torque and high efficiency equipped with
    over heating. it has several features such as
    high output power, high efficiency and lower
Electric Actuator 01
3. PCU:  high  performance microprocessor,   auto-calibration
    provides the most convenient to user without complicated set in

4. Sealing: sealing provided by double O-ring system.   
Electric Actuator 02
5. Handwheel: Just by pulling over the lever, operating mode is
    switched to manual. then just supplying electrical power to
    actuator, clutch is automatically disengaged from manual and
    operating mode is switched to electric operation. The size of
    hand wheel is designed according to required torque to move
    the actuator, so that operator can easily move the actuator by
Electric Actuator 03
6. Gear & self locking: 2nd staged double worm gearing prevents
    movment caused by backward force transferred from valve and
    it provides the exact and stable position of actuator and valve
    when the power is off. High efficiency, high output torque, low
    noise level are another advantages.
Electric Actuator 04
7. Limit switches: directly engaged with driving shaft to set accurate position of valve.
    Torque swithces: to protect actuator from dama ge caused by over torque from the
    driven valve over the whole travel.
8. Anti-condensation space heater: the switch is open when the temperature is around
    20+3 °C to protedct actuator condensation; The switch is close when the temperature
    is over 30+3 °C to prevent over heating.
9. Stopper bolt: stopper bolt installed both close and
    open direction prevents actuator's travel the limit
    during manual operation and also protects internal
    gearing from its breakaway.
Electric Actuator 05
10. Indicator: through the large size indicator window
     provides better position indication form a distance.
11. Terminal block: it is easy to add the number of strip
      for additional connection, spring loaded terminal
      strip is very strong against vibration.
Electric Actuator 06
12. Wiring: the inside wiring is so simple and easy to connect.  
13. Driving bushing: the driving bushing is removable
      to process, mounting base is designed according
      to ISO5211, it is convenient to adapt with valve.

14. Lubrication: all the gears and shafts use
      CIATM221 type Grease Moly, it is not necessary to
      refill lubricant for 5 years.
Electric Actuator 07
15. Anti-interference magnetic loop: it effectively
     prevents the actuator from outside magnetic field,
     and keeps the actuator operating stable.
Electric Actuator 08 
HAITIMA TM HTQ electric actuator guaranty high performance and stable
quality product throughout severe test and inspection. We can provide
advanced intelligent model with different models for option.
1. Using very large scale digital integrated chip, so it has very powerful function and high
    accuracy. Once the actuator is supplied power, it wil auto-check the control circuit to
    insure the correct operation.
2. Displacement transducer of actuator is n. hall sensor with digital quantization impulse
    signal, Hall magnetically pulse effects system can measure and control the travel of
    actuator exactly.
3. Using  IA   infrared   ray   system,  IA   always   supports
    communication   compatible with IrDA.  The  function
    specification of actuator can be set, adjusted and operated by
    handheld infrared remote controller, it is not necessary to open
    the top cover to reveal the inner control circuit.
Electric Actuator 09 
4. Using liquid crystal display with high-resolution, English mark
    to indicate the travel percent of valve, It is very convenient to
    use in the night. LED signal with high lightness to indicate the
    position of actuator:  full open-Red, full close-Green.   The
    backup batteries will support the LED display when the main
    power is off.
Electric Actuator 10 
5. The remote and local control (open/close/stop) function, with
    local lamp indication: full close-Green (on). Closing-Green
    (flickering).  Torque switch  trip-Yellow (on), Fault-Yellow
    (Flickering).  Full open-Red(on),  Opening-Red(Flickering).
    Reversing,  electronic contactors, Transformer,  Phase
    discriminator has detection and auto-correction.  24 to 48
    points terminal strips on terminal block for option. Position
    monitoring relays with remote position indication, local digital
    position indication.
Electric Actuator 11

Electric Actuator 12