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  1.  Due to characteristics of valve, the electric actuator must be able to provide high start up torque with full load whenever the valve is at open, closed or any other position. HAITIMA HTE series electric actuators are designed for such working requirement.
  2. Gear driving unit is made of alloy steel with heat treatment featuring high strength, excellent wear resistance and long term fatigue load impact.
  3. The crank handle is designed as detachable to minimise the dimension of the actuator.
  4. The integral construction of the wormgear and drive shaft provides long term dependable operation with high output torque.
  5. The captive cover bolt prevents bolt from dropping when cover is opened.
  6. The stainless steel stroke bolt and cam provide 0 - 90° adjustability.
  7. the tempered glass visual position indicator provides anti-aging, temperature resistance and anti-deformation.
  8. The epoxy encapsulated control servo unit provides heat insulation, moisture and dust proofing, thus suitable for various industrial process requirements.