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Electro-Pneumatic HT1000R E/P Positioner

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Ordering Symbols: HT-1000
Model Acting Explosion Lever    Orifice
  Type Proof Type    Type
HT-1000R Single Acting Exdll BT6 HT-1000L HT-1000R  <90cm3 
HT-1000L Double Acting   Exiall CT6  10~40 mm  M6X40L  90~180cm3
    Non-Explosion   40~70 mm  M6X63L  >180cm3
       70~100 mm  M8X40L  
       100~130 mm  M8X63L  
       130~150 mm  NAMUR  
Pneumatic Positioner 01 
Rotary Type dimension: HT-1000R
Pneumatic Positioner 02

Linear Type Dimension: HT-1000L
Pneumatic Positioner 03
Item \ Type Single
Input Signal 4-20mA DC
Impedance 250+15 Ohm
Supply Pressure 1.4-7kgf/cm2(20~100psi)
Stroke 0~90° / 10~150mm
Air connection PT (NPT)1/4"
Gauge Connection PT (NPT)1/8"
Conduit PF1/2"(G1/2")
Explosion Proof Exiall CT6
Exdll BT6
Protection IP65
Ambient Temp -20°C-70°(Operating
Linearity +1%.F.S. +2% F.S.
Hysteresis +1% F.S.
Sensitivity +0.4%F.S +0.8% F.S.
Repeatability +0.5% F.S.
Material Aluminum Diecasting
Weight 2.7kg(6.1lb)

       The Electro-Pneumatic Valve Positioner stroke accurately by DV 4~20mA current signal being input from

controller. It change the current signal into air pressure to contorl the pneumatic actuator, so as to control the

opening of the valve 

      This product is convenient to change between direct action and back action, or change between spring

return and double acting.

       It has the features of low air consumption, easy to operate the Zero Adjust and Span Adjust, quick acting

and simple to connect the Feedback Lever.

       HT-1000R(rogary) and HT-1000L(linear) all can select and install the DC 4~20 mA Feedback Unit.

  • There is no vibration in the range of 5-200 HZ.
  • Can set 1/2 Split Range with simply operate, do not need to change part.
  • Zero & Span adjustment process is simply.
  • Convenient to change between direct action and back action, or change between spring return and double acting.
  • Feedback lever connection is easy.
  • Acting fast and accurately.
  • It is economical due to less air-consumption.
  • Small pneumatic actuator can use the orifice of Pilot valve to avoid vibration.