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Stainless Steel Ball

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316(L) / 304(L) 
F316(L) / F304(L)
Monel 400
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Solid Floating Ball Hollow Floating Ball (Pipe Ball)
Solid Floating Ball
Size: NPS 1/4"~56"(DN8~1400)
Hollow Floating Ball (Pipe Ball)
Size:NPS 3"~12" (DN80~300)
Stem Ball  Trunnion Ball
Stem Ball
Size NPS 1-1/2"~4" (DN40~100) 
Trunnion Ball
Size:NPS 1-1/2"~12" (DN40~300)
Multiple Way Ball 01  Multiple Way Ball 02  Multiple Way Ball 03
Multiple Way Ball
Size:NPS 1/2"~12" (DN15~300)
Hollow Floating Ball (Tube Inside)
Size:NPS 3"~12" (DN80~300) 
15 V-Port Ball  30 V-Port Ball  60 V-Port Ball 
Slot / V-Port Ball
Size:NPS 1/2"~12" (DN15~300) 
Metal to Metal Ball 
Metal to Metal Ball
Size:NPS 1/2"~12" (DN15~300) 
Coating 01 Coating 02 
Silicon Carbide (HV>2400kg/mm2)
Hard Chrome Plated
Electroless Nickel Plated
Tungsten Carbide
Nickel Plated